APRIL 13, 2016


SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

From the bottom of our hearts, The Skels would like to thank everyone who made The 20th Anniversary Party such a blast with a special thanks to Melissa and the entire staff at The Harp N' Bard for being such wonderful hosts and to Jeff the Beard for his heartfelt remarks! We would also like to thank all the bars, bar owners, clubs, bands and everyone who has ever set foot inside a Skel show over the past 20 years.  We consider you all our friends and part of the Skels family without whom, none of this would have ever been possible. So thanks again for an amazing 20 years and here's to the next 20! Cheers!


AUGUST 30, 2015


AUGUST 4, 2013



JUNE 26, 2013

JUNE 12, 2013

Summer Tour 2013 is finally posted! We're not quite sure if three gigs constitutes a "tour" but it'll do!

Click here for dates!

FEBRUARY 12, 2013

St. Patrick's Season shows confirmed! Check the Calendar for details!!

JANUARY 11, 2013

We regret to announce that tonight's show at ReBar in Lodi, NJ has been cancelled due to a death in the family.  We will be back at Rebar in the near future-we promise.

OCTOBER 4, 2012

The next gig is Saturday, October 13 at ReBar in Lodi, NJ!

AUGUST 14, 2012

The Fall Tour is shaping up nicely! The next show is Saturday, September 8 at The Harp N' Bard in Clifton, NJ!

JUNE 17, 2012

Our next show will be our virgin appearance at ReBar in beautiful Lodi, New Jersey!


MAY 13, 2012

The next show is the annual Scarlett Fever East extravaganza at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ!  Come on out and help support a great cause!

APRIL 8, 2012

We know it's a little late, but better late than never, to say thanks to all of you who made this St. Patrick's Day so wildly successful!  

Also, we wanted to let you know that the brand-spanking new Skels webstore is up and is taking orders for immediate shipping!  Click here to go to the store!

FEBRUARY 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Tour 2012 is upon us! See youz there!

DECEMBER 13, 2011

Making the plans for St. Patrick's Day 2012 including this awesome finale!!

NOVEMBER 13, 2011

Yet again, it returns!!

OCTOBER 24, 2011

Our next gig!  We return to Connecticut!

AUGUST 19, 2011

"Headed For the Knacker's Yard" now available on Amazon.com!  Click on the Amazon link below to download.

AUGUST 18, 2011

"Headed For the Knacker's Yard" is FINALLY up on iTunes!  Click on the iTunes link here to download your copy now!

Headed For the Knacker's Yard - The Skels

JULY 28, 2011

"Headed for the Knacker's Yard" is out!  Click the link below to get your copy now!

The Skels: Headed For The Knacker


JULY 25, 2011

Cover art!



JULY 22, 2011

Here is the track listing for "Headed For The Knacker's Yard."

1. Blood in the Pub

2. Ain't Never Coming Back

3. Say Your Prayers

4. When the Green Shores Call Me Home

5. American Men

6. Any Port in a Storm

7. Lily's Song

8. The Butcher's Bill

9. I'll Tell Me Ma

10. Fire in the Rain

11. Pints of Whiskey

12. Don't Promise Me Heaven

13. Parting Glass

JULY 17, 2011

The next Skels gig at The Harp N' Bard!


JUNE 2, 2011

Skels Weekend III is next weekend!  June 10 at The Harp N' Bard in Clifton, NJ and June 11 at Stoudt's Brewery in Adamstown, PA for the annual Stoudt's Micro-Fest (Night Session)!

APRIL 9, 2011

The next Skels gig with special guest, Lenny Lashley's Gang of One!


MARCH 20, 2011

The 2011 St. Patrick's Day Tour is finally over.  It was a great ride as always, and to leave with you a little taste of what went down, here's a video for "You'll Never Drink Alone" by our good friend Hope Torezz!  See ya in a few!





MARCH 16, 2011

Well, tomorrow is the day!  It's St. Patrick's Day 2011 and The Skels will be hitting the only place to be on St. Patrick's Day-New York City.  As usual, we will be tearing up our annual place, Flannery's Bar on 14th Street.  We will hit the stage about 4PM and play our usual five or six sets.  Be prepared for plenty of madness, shenanigans and overall hoopla as we celebrate this most excellent of holidays!



MARCH 9, 2011

The first single off "Headed for the Knacker's Yard," the old traditional, "I'll Tell Me Ma" is available at CDBaby.com!  Be on the lookout for iTunes and Amazon release soon!



MARCH 6, 2011

Thanks to all who came out and made for a weekend of really great shows at The Harp N' Bard and The Quays!  Next stop: Friday, March 11 at The Beachcomber in Quincy, MA with The Trashkillers, The McGunks, The Beantown Boozehounds and The Big Bad Bollocks!  See yaz there!


MARCH 3, 2011

Next Sunday, March 13, The Skels will be at Duffy's in Paterson, NJ.  Check out all the fun from the show two years ago there!



MARCH 2, 2011

In order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and in contemplation of the new Skels record, "Headed for the Knacker's Yard,"  we are offering a FREE download of "I'll Tell Me Ma," one of the traditional songs on the new record!  This will only be available for a limited time so act fast!


MARCH 1, 2011

The Skels St. Patrick's Day Tour 2011 kicks off this weekend with two shows!  On Friday evening we will be at our auld stomping ground, The Harp N' Bard in Clifton, NJ.  On Saturday afternoon, we keep the good times rolling at The Quays in Hoboken following the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade!  We hope  to see youz all this weekend!



Previous events


Shamrocks and Shillelaghs!

CONVENTION HALL, 1300 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ

Tickets available at Ticketmaster!!

$15 advance/$20 day


St. Patrick's Day Blast!

THE HARP N' BARD, 363 Lakeview Ave., Clifton, NJ