I walked down the road that led me away

Away from you alone and astray

I drank me a gallon to atone for my sins

Adrift in a tide of whiskey and gin


From the north to the south the west to the east

Into the jaws of death and the belly of the beast

I’ve been drunk I’ve been sober, near death and hung over

A thief in the night, a rake and a rover



All is lost

All is lost

In the shadows I remain ‘neath the weight of this cross

Hear the cries

Hear the screams

There’s blood in the pub and death in the street

There’s blood in the pub and death in the street


I heard me a sound from long, long ago

It echoed, reverberated, clung to my soul

By the watchful eye of the New Jersey moon

She called out to me like a voice from the tomb


There were geezers and cheaters, a preacher or two

Inebriates who suffered from Lucifer’s brew

There were gallows and wire, let them dangle and burn

May the crows peck out their eyes and paradise will burn 



Hey Mickey, how’s it going

Oh how you been, my lad

We’ve been pretty good so far

And things haven’t been so bad

But our thirst it is a-callin’

And our throats a wee bit dry

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Bring on the old standby



And give us pints of whiskey

Give us pints of whiskey

Give us pints of whiskey

And don’t you fuck about

Oh give us pints of whiskey

Give us pints of whiskey

Give us pints of whiskey

You can hear the bastards shout


Oh here’s to Johnny Powers

How I wish I knew the man

He made the smoothest batch so far

Here’s to my favorite brand

John Jameson comes next

And on him you can depend

And Tullamore’s an honest dram

It’ll be with you til the end


Who knows what lies before us

When the death bell starts to toll

And the worms see dinner comin’

When they dump you in a hole

But The Skels will go to heaven

And we’ll march right through the gates

With pints of whiskey waiting

For this gang of reprobates



We've been down to hell and back

With plunder we've returned

We seen the souls of some turn black

And felt the lash's burn

While lamentations filled the night

And tortured shadows crept

We made it through the blood and blight

When lesser hearts have wept



Let's hit the road

Come and take my hand

From sea to sea

This great land stands

A nation before

A nation again

A nation for all American men


I recall the darkest night before the longest day

Searching for that long lost might upon my knees I pray

I’d suffer much and maybe die

To keep the ones I love alive

To see our banner flying high against the bluest sky


I'll kill for whiskey in a glass

I'll sip it slow and make it last

In barrel, flagon, keg or flask

Let’s run the colors up the mast

To toast the fallen heroes slain

To toast the bodies on the plain

Our hope and courage will remain

Until our dying day


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